3D Bundle

Open eVision 3D库的捆绑包

  • 高性价比eVision 3D库捆绑包
  • 包含Easy3D、Easy3DLaserLine、Easy3DObject和Easy3DMatch

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New in Open eVision 24.02
New in Open eVision 24.02

EasyFind : Significant speed increase, without any loss of accuracy.


  • New Gabor filtering function to help with texture analysis and edge detection.
  • New inverse circle warp function, providing conversion between polar and cartesian coordinates.
Easy: Improved off-screen rendering on all platforms.
Admin: Simplified version upgrade procedure with version numbers removed from filenames.

Open eVision 23.12中的新增功能
Open eVision 23.12中的新增功能

导入标准数据集到 Deep Learning Studio

  • 只需要一个API和许可证,就能使用定制训练的深度学习分类器对齐兴趣区域、检测表面缺陷(颗粒、划痕……)和分类。
  • 实时进行联机表面检测

兼容 3D 传感器
兼容 3D 传感器

The Easy3D library is able to import data from third-party 3D sensors from Automation Technology, Azure Kinect, Benano, Heliotis, IDS Ensenso, Intel Realsense, Lucid Helios, LMI Gocator, Mech-Mind, Nerian Ruby, Photoneo PhoXi, Shenzhen SinceVision (SSZN), Zivid and others. Point Clouds and ZMaps are managed efficiently and allow 3D processing and analysis to be performed.

所有Open eVision库都适用于Windows和Linux
所有Open eVision库都适用于Windows和Linux

  • 适用于x86-64(64位)处理器架构的Microsoft Windows 11、10、8.1、7版本
  • glibc 2.18 版或更高版本的 Linux x86-64(64 位)和 ARMv8-A(64 位)处理器架构

Easy3D Description
Easy3D Description

Easy3D>Easy3D是Open eVision 3D库的基础库。它包含一组管理3D深度图、点云和Zmap对象的功能。使用任何Open eVision 3D库时都需要Easy3D>Easy3D,在购买Easy3D>Easy3DLaserLine、Easy3D>Easy3DObject、Easy3D>Easy3DMatch或3D Bundle时会提供。


Easy3DMatch>Easy3DMatch库具备对准功能,可以利用参照模型找到采集的3D对象的精确姿态(位置和方向)。该模型可以指定为参照点云或CAD软件中的3D网格。使用任何Open eVision 3D库时都需要Easy3D,在购买Easy3DLaserLine、Easy3DObject、Easy3DMatch>Easy3DMatch或3D Bundle时会提供。

3D 查看器
3D 查看器

使用 Easy3D 的 3D Viewer 类创建交互式 3D 显示。3D 查看器可以显示点云和 3D 对象。它使用 OpenGL 接口,需要兼容的显示设备。


Easy3DObject 说明
Easy3DObject 说明

Easy3DObject>Easy3DObject是一个能够自动从点云或ZMap中提取和测量3D对象的库。使用任何Open eVision 3D库时都需要Easy3D,在购买Easy3DLaserLine、Easy3DObject>Easy3DObject、Easy3DMatch或3D Bundle时会提供。

Easy3DLaserLine 说明
Easy3DLaserLine 说明

Easy3DLaserLine>Easy3DLaserLine提供实现高精度校准激光线三角测量设置所需的功能。使用任何Open eVision 3D库时都需要Easy3D,在购买Easy3DLaserLine>Easy3DLaserLine、Easy3DObject、Easy3DMatch或3D Bundle时会提供。


  • Neo是Euresys的新型许可系统。它可靠而又先进,现在可用于存储Open eVision和eGrabber许可证。
  • Neo支持您在Neo Dongle或Neo Software Container中选择许可证激活位置。先购买许可证,以后再做决定。
  • Neo Dongle提供坚固的硬件,能灵活地从一台PC传输到另一台PC。
  • Neo Software Container无需任何专用硬件,而是链接到其中已激活的计算机。
  • Neo 自带专用的 Neo License Manager,它具有两种特点:直观、易用的图形用户界面和命令行界面,可轻松地自动执行 Neo 许可程序。

Host PC Operating System
  • Open eVision is a set of 64-bit libraries that require an Intel compatible processor with the SSE4 instruction set or an ARMv8-A compatible processor.
  • Open eVision can be used on the following operating systems:
    • Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7 for x86-64 (64-bit) processor architecture
    • Linux for x86-64 (64-bit) and ARMv8-A (64-bit) processor architectures with a glibc version greater or equal to 2.18
  • Remote connections
    • Remote connections are allowed using remote desktop, TeamViewer or any other similar software.
  • Virtual machines
    • Virtual machines are supported. Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle VirtualBox and libvirt hypervisors have been successfully tested.
    • Only the Neo Licensing System is compatible with virtualization.
  • Minimum requirements:
    • 2 GB RAM to run an Open eVision application
    • 8 GB RAM to compile an Open eVision application
    • Between 100 MB and 2 GB free hard disk space for libraries, depending on selected options.
  • Supported Integrated Development Environments and Programming Languages:
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (C++, C#, VB .NET, C++/CLI)
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 (C++, C#, VB .NET, C++/CLI)
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 (C++, C#, VB .NET, C++/CLI)
    • QtCreator 4.15 with Qt 5.12
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