Euresys 2022 results | Computer Vision & Machine Vision

Corporate / 02.2023

Despite challenging supply chain conditions, Euresys continues to grow and proudly reports a total turnover of 25.5M€ for the year 2022, representing a growth of more than 25% over the previous year.
"The electronic component shortages have affected our frame grabber sales along the entire year 2022, mostly limiting the production of Camera Link and CoaXPress frame grabbers." says, Marc Damhaut, CEO. "However, we have been able to timely redesign these products and find alternative components, which allowed us to continue growing".
Year over year, Euresys sales have increased by 67% in EMEA, 21% in Asia (a leading market where Euresys is ranked among the first suppliers of choice) and 11% in America. The fastest growing products are the FPGA IP Cores (with an increase of 42% of licenses sold) and the CoaXPress frame grabbers (with an increase of 33% of the number of units shipped).
While the demand has been softening towards the end of the year, we remain confident that the machine vision market is set on a double digit growth path for the years to come. Euresys is well positioned to profit from that growth. We have recently launched an embedded version of our Open eVision image analysis libraries, compatible with ARM processors, we also continue the development of our 3D inspection and Deep Learning libraries. 2023 will see the launch of new CoaXPress and Camera Link frame grabbers, as well as new versions of our Vision Standard IP Cores allowing our customers to design faster and lower-cost cameras.
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