Picolo H.264 series

Video capture cards for standard PAL/NTSC cameras with on-board H.264 compression

At a glance
  • Up to sixteen PAL/NTSC video and audio inputs
  • PCIe x1 or PCI-104 bus
  • On-board hardware H.264 compression
  • Multiple H.264 compressed streams and raw (uncompressed) streams for each of the cameras
Three simultaneous and independently configurable output streams for each video channel

  • Two H.264 compressed streams: 4CIF, 2CIF, CIF or QCIF / Configurable frame rate / Configurable bit rate control
  • Typical configuration:
    • One high-fidelity, 4CIF format, full frame rate H.264 encoded stream
    • One CIF-format half-frame-rate H.264 encoded stream
  • One raw (uncompressed) stream (subject to PCI bus available bandwidth): 4CIF, 2CIF, CIF or QCIF / Monochrome: Y8 or Color planar: YUV420PL

Windows (DirectShow) and Linux drivers available
Windows (DirectShow) and Linux drivers available

Four high-quality audio inputs

  • Line-level audio signals
  • Selectable sampling rate: 8 kHz, 16 kHz, 22.05 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz
  • Audio encoding: Linear PCM 16-bit or G.711 64-kbps µ-law/A-law
  • Audio-video synchronization supported by accurate time stamping of audio and video data

General purpose I/O lines

  • Four contact closure inputs
  • Four solid-state relay outputs
  • Watchdog

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