Prototype and Series Production

Sensor to Image assembles prototypes or small to medium series on in-house SMD placement systems, with high flexibility and short delivery times.
Sensor to Image offers:
  • Fast production of prototypes and series
  • SMD assembly of all component packaging types, bulk and belt sections
  • Double-sided assembly of all common circuit board types
  • Vapor Phase Soldering
  • Function tests
  • After-sale services including defect analysis and repair
  • Production certified to DIN ISO 9001:2008
  • Large series production according to IPC-A-610-E class 2 and 3 with our qualified partners (on request)
OEM customers will benefit from design and production on the same site from a single source:
  • Early stage layout-optimization for cost optimization
  • Fault prevention during PCB design
  • Reduction of data transfer issues
  • Faster time-to-market

Production Workshop

Sensor to Image has recently set up a complete production workshop for circuit board assembly with the following equipment:
  • Stencil printer
  • Semi-automatic manipulator offering 100% placement security
  • Pick & place system perfectly suited for small or medium-scale production lines and prototyping
  • Oxygen and lead free soldering process
  • Dry cabinet for drying and storage of electronic SMD components, PCBs and assembled feeders
  • Dynamic climate chamber (-40 °C to 180 °C).
  • Circuit board cleaning plant with μP controlled cleaning
  • Maximum PCB size 300 x300 mm