New Camera Link frame grabber: Grablink Duo

Product / 11.2022

We are proud to announce the new Grablink Duo, a frame grabber for one full- or two base-configuration Camera Link cameras, that will soon expand our range of Camera Link frame grabbers.
The Grablink Duo is compatible with eGrabber, a set of software drivers, tools and applications that enable and simplify the development and debugging of computer vision applications. The eGrabber driver is the same driver as the Coaxlink series.
A migration guide for MultiCam users is available.


Grablink Duo

Frame grabber for one full- or two base-configuration Camera Link cameras

- For two independent Camera Link Base configuration cameras or one Camera Link Base, Medium, Full, 72-bit or 80-bit camera
- Directly compatible with hundreds of Camera Link cameras available on the market
- PoCL, Power over Camera Link
- ECCO: Extended Camera Link cable length
- PCIe Gen 2 x4 bus
- Feature-rich set of 20 digital IO lines
- Compatible with eGrabber driver and Memento Event Logging Tool

The C2C-Link camera synchronization feature allows to accurately synchronize multiple area-scan or line-scan cameras connected to the same card, to different cards in the same PC, to different cards in different PCs.

Memento is an advanced development and debugging tool available for Coaxlink and Grablink cards. Memento records an accurate log of all the events related to the camera, the frame grabber and its driver as well as the application.

ECCO or ‘Extended Camera Link Cable Operation’ allows the Grablink boards to work with cable lengths of at least 30% in excess of those specified by the Camera Link standard.

Watch the video below for more technical information about the Grablink Duo: