Press Release - Growth & Anticipation

Corporate / 02.2021



Responding to a growing need for high speed, high resolution image processing, and anticipating the coming growth in smart factories, machine builders have been able to count on the support of EURESYS during a challenging year. This has translated into remarkable 2020 yearly results, confirming a long-term upward trend for the company based in Seraing (BE), with offices in Schongau (DE), San Juan Capistrano (USA), Singapore (SG), Shanghai (CN) and Yokohama (JP).

EURESYS global turnover has increased by 11% to 15.7M€ specifically showing an outstanding growth in China (+91% year-to-year), and resulting in an EBIT increased by 25% year-to-year. Anticipating its future growth, EURESYS had wisely invested in people and facilities, hiring 10 additional staffs and moving into a new building.

BoisSaintJean_300dpi.pngInvolved in both hardware and software for computer vision, EURESYS invests about 20% of its turnover into new product development. Emblematic of its orientation towards innovation, the second half of 2020 has seen EURESYS launch EasySegment, another of its AI Deep Learning libraries, and the Coaxlink QSFP+ card, advancing the CoaXPress standard to new levels of speed and cable distance.

Marc Damhaut - CEO

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