STEMMER IMAGING | New distributor in Europe and Latin America

Corporate / 04.2020

STEMMER IMAGING AG has signed an agreement with Euresys for the distribution of its high-performance image acquisition products across Europe and Latin America, effective from April 1st 2020. Euresys acquisition boards support image acquisition from the fastest and highest resolution cameras available to the lowest cost analogue cameras.

In order to strengthen our distribution across Europe and Latin America, we have the pleasure to announce a new agreement with STEMMER IMAGING AG.

The agreement covers our CoaXPress and Camera Link frame grabbers as well as frame grabbers for analogue cameras.

Klaus Mählert, Product Manager at STEMMER IMAGING for Euresys products, said: “Euresys is a leading and innovative high-tech company that designs and provides image and video acquisition components, frame grabbers, FPGA IP cores and software.
The Euresys product range meets many different machine vision needs.
For high speed, high-resolution applications, the Coaxlink series of CoaXPress frame grabbers offer the highest data acquisition rate in the industry. With 14 models, the Coaxlink product series offer an optimal interface range for the increasing number of new cameras with a CXP interface. PCIe frame grabbers (Gen 3 or Gen 2) with mono or up to eight CoaXPress connections are available.
With the Camera Link interface continuing to be so popular, the feature-rich Grablink series of frame grabbers are compatible with hundreds of different Camera Link cameras with Full, Medium, Base and Lite configurations. Euresys developed an Extended Camera Link Cable Operation (ECCO), which allows up to 2 times extended cable length beyond the Camera Link specification.
For secure data acquisition, Euresys offers Memento as a powerful debugging tool. It assists developers during application development and debugging, as well as system operation.
The Logic analyser feature helps users analyse selected system events.”
Jean Caron, Vice President Sales & Support EMEA at Euresys, said: “Working with STEMMER IMAGING is a very positive move. It reinforces the Euresys presence across Europe and South America giving easy access to our CoaXPress and Camera Link frame grabber series to machine makers and system integrators. Coupled with its extensive camera portfolio, the large Euresys frame grabber offer will enable STEMMER IMAGING to always provide customers with the adapted solution for their projects.
This partnership with STEMMER IMAGING is also important to provide Euresys users with high class local technical expertise as well as the ability to deliver tailored solutions, including sub-systems and customer-specific solutions for OEMs fitting perfectly with the Euresys reputation for providing leading-edge solutions and premium support to OEMs and system integrators worldwide.”

STEMMER IMAGING is a leading international machine vision technology provider. With staff located across Europe, Latin America and Asia, the company provides state-of-the-art machine vision solutions, extensive knowledge and outstanding customer service.
Clients value STEMMER IMAGING as a trusted advisor, positioned to deliver tailored solutions. These include components that can be pre-configured where needed, sub-systems designed to reduce time and effort when integrating vertical applications, and customer-specific solutions delivering a competitive advantage to predominantly OEMs – all powered by renowned knowledge and leading software tools including the company's machine vision library “Common Vision Blox”.
VISION.RIGHT.NOW. symbolises the STEMMER IMAGING mission to make machine vision easy and accessible, empowering customers to deliver world-class solutions.
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