Easy3D, the new 3D library

Press / 07.2018

3D inspection library


·           3D Laser Line Extraction into a depth map

·           Point cloud calibration and management

·           ZMap generation and management

·           Interactive 3D display with the 3D Viewer

·           3D processing functions


The new Easy3D library is a set of software tools enabling the development of 3D Machine Vision Inspection Applications. It is able to generate a depth map from a series of images that contain a laser line projected on the inspected object and computes a calibration model applied to depth maps to transform them into calibrated 3D point clouds. It provides functions to generate such ZMaps. The  Easy3D Studio application provides an easy way to configure a complete 3D laser line inspection setup .

Have a look at our live demonstration of Easy3D in this video from our CEO, Marc Damhaut, and  the Vision Software Team Leader in charge of this library, Christophe Chaudy: 

Read more about this new library online: https://www.euresys.com/Products/Machine-Vision-Software/Open-eVision-Libraries/Easy3D

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