Euresys & Sensor to Image promote CoaXPress-over-Fiber with new products

Product / 10.2020

CoaXPress is arguably the number one interface for high-bandwidth computer vision applications. It provides robust, stable, jitter-free image acquisition and is suitable for machines and applications that require the highest standard of reliability.
Euresys is leading the development of CoaXPress with its Coaxlink series of frame grabbers. "In 2019, our CoaXPress frame grabber sales have exceeded our Camera Link frame grabber sales", says Marc Damhaut, CEO of Euresys. "Coaxlink is now the number one product of Euresys". This trend is continuing in 2020 with very strong sales and growth.
Today, requirements for more bandwidth between the camera and the computer, higher frame rate and higher image resolution, continue to increase. Applications such as OLED inspection, 3D AOI (Automated Optical Inspection), 3D SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) and 3D inspection in general require much more data to be acquired.

The future of CoaXPress
"We are designing the future of CoaXPress" says Marc Damhaut." For two years, Euresys and Sensor to Image, a Euresys company, have been working on CoaXPress-over-Fiber, an innovative interface for computer vision applications." Our team at Sensor to Image has designed a way to run the CoaXPress protocol, as it is, unmodified, over standard Ethernet connections. Using the Ethernet physical layer ensures that the interface is future proof, with constant evolution towards higher bandwidths such as 100 Gbps and 200 Gbps. In addition, using the Ethernet physical layer provides an easy way to migrate towards fiber optics, already a requirement for many applications.
"Euresys, Sensor to Image and the CoaXPress Workgroup within the JIIA (Japan Industrial Imaging Association), which includes most major vision manufacturers, are working to make sure that this new concept is adopted by the machine vision community" said Sachio Kiura, Chairman of the Japan Industrial Imaging Association.

A CoaXPress-over-Fiber Bridge IP Core is already available from Sensor to Image for evaluation by interested camera manufacturers.

The Coaxlink QSFP+, a four-connection CoaXPress-over-Fiber frame grabber with one QSFP+ port compliant with 40 Gbit/s optical modules is also available from Euresys for evaluation.

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