CoaXPress-over-Fiber Bridge Host IP Core

CoaXPress-over-Fiber Bridge Host IP Core for FPGA

At a glance
  • nGMII to CXP Bridge IP Core
  • Compatible with AMD 7 Series (and newer), Intel Cyclone/Arria 10/Agilex
  • Compatible with S2I and third-party CoaXPress Host IP Cores
  • Delivered as working reference design (when licensed with the S2I CoaXPress Host IP Core) and extensive simulation testbench

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A Sensor to Image product
A Sensor to Image product

What are the benefits of using CoaXPress-over-Fiber for my application?

  • Available as CXP to nGMII (device) or nGMII to CXP (host) Bridge IP Cores
  • Ultra-high data/frame rates
  • Many accessory and cabling options to cover any length requirement
  • Low CPU overhead, low latency, low jitter image acquisition
  • Highest camera count per PC performance
  • Very competitive cost/performance ratio
  • Wide industry acceptance due to JIIA standardization
  • Ready for CXP25

CoaXPress-over-Fiber Bridge IP Core Description
CoaXPress-over-Fiber Bridge IP Core Description

The CoaXPress-over-Fiber Host Bridge IP Core allows to connect a CoaXPress Host IP Core to an nGMII (10/25 Gbps Media Independent Interface) bus inside an FPGA. nGMII, as defined in IEEE Std 802.3 Clause 46, is the main access to the 10/25G Ethernet physical layer. The generic nature of this interface facilitates mapping the CoaXPress signaling into the PCS/PMA Ethernet sublayers. The IP converts nGMII packets received from an Ethernet PCS/PMA block, back to CoaXPress packets.

Resource Usage
Resource Usage

What is CoaXPress-over-Fiber?
What is CoaXPress-over-Fiber?

CoaXPress-over-Fiber is a light but significant extension of the existing CoaXPress specification to support transport over fiber optics.

CoaXPress (CXP) is the de-facto standard for high-bandwidth computer vision applications. CoaXPress 2.1, the latest version of the specification, specifies the CXP-12 speed, a 12.5 Gbps (Gigabit per second) connection over a coaxial copper cable. As link aggregation is common with CoaXPress, bandwidths of 50 Gbps (12.5 x 4) are easily achievable with four CXP-12 connections. CoaXPress-over-Fiber has been designed as an add-on to the CoaXPress specification. It provides a way to run the CoaXPress protocol, as it is, unmodified, over a standard Ethernet connection, including fiber optics. As such, CoaXPress-over-Fiber uses standard electronics, connectors and cables designed for Ethernet, but the protocol is CoaXPress, not Ethernet, not GigE Vision.

Read more about CoaXPress-over-Fiber on our technology page.

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